Big Game fishing in Mauritius

Deep sea fishing.

Big game fishing boat charter in Mauritius

Mauritius is known as one of the best fishing destinations in the world. Big game fishing in Mauritius can be done throughout the year, although the best time for good catches is between October and April. Mauritian sea is home a large population of black and blue marlin, various species of tuna, shark and bonito.

Actually, big game fishing (sport fishing) is now one of the most popular marine activities in Mauritius and the services have greatly improved over time. Some very professional operator offer 40 to 50 feet length boat, well equipped and adapted to high seas with which they are able to reach fishing spot within a few hours. Our boats are skippered by experts in local conditions, are able to "read" the current, the surface of the sea and sea birds activities to locate school of fish. Our fishing equipment are sophisticated and replaced regularly.

The most sought fish by anglers is of course the Blue Marlin. Big game fishing world (World Marlin Cup) record had occurred in the Mauritian waters. Catch that can weigh several hundred pounds!. You can also fish for tuna, barracuda and sharks. Sometime you can make an impressive catch and sometimes nothing at all, and yes that's fishing!

We can take you either to the west, east, south or north. Each of these regions has their particularities, allowing to fish in the best conditions depending on the winds and sea.

The price for renting a fishing boat depends on the size of the boat and fishing equipment. Below we have a price for every budget
Duration - 1/2 ou 1 day

  • Full day - 6h00 to 16h00
  • 1/2 day (a) 6h00 to 13h00 (b)13h00 to 18h00
  • Start - North, east or south-west
  • Lunch - Cold food and softt drinks
  • Transfert (Optional) additonal 2,000 MUR (approx. 50 euros) for all region except the north at 1,000 (approx. 25 euros)
  • Note - Price are for half-day and full day
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big game fishing boat mauritius

Paille en queue 1 - Length 15.3 mts

Paille en queue I is a big boat with lot of space outside as well as inside, ideal for group or family. This is the perfect boat for big game fishing connoisseur.

Full day - 35,000 Rs. Half-day - 30,000 Rs.

deep sea fishing boat

Paille en queue II & III - Length 14.3 mts

Paille en queue I & II are very stable fishing boat at sea. Skippers are highly professional fishermen with whom can be sure to make interesting catches.

Full day - 26,000 Rs. Half day - 23,000 Rs.

tuna fishing mauritius

Charlotte- Length 12.8 mts

Same type as big brothers 'Paille en queue' but with some feet less. Very good boat at sea. Good for those who can't afford more expensive one.

Full day - 23,000 Rs. Half day - 20,000 Rs.

Fishing boat

Mathilda - Length 10.3 mts

The cheapest price for a game fishing boat. it is the samllest that we will reccommend. Small here doesn't means inefficient with Mathilda. This boat had caught several marlin. Record of those catch can be verified. What matters most is the experience of the crew on board!Free shuttle

Full day - 15,000 Rs. Half day - 13,000 Rs.

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